The new version of Security Center Omnicast — the video management system of Genetec’s Security Center — enables stadiums and large venue users to choose the type of storage for their specific needs, whether they are looking at real-time or on-demand access to video footage stored in the cloud. Depending on its recency and criticality, video can be stored in high performance storage for fast access or long-term storage to support flexible cost options, as well as data compliancy. Security Center 5.10 further taps mobile devices to reinvent the way organizations accomplish routine tasks on-the-go. Genetec Mobile, a unified app that enables users to access cameras, doors, and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) units from their smartphones, now supports Genetec Mission Control incidents, and standard operating procedures. This allows security staff located throughout the venue or stadium to trigger or view active incidents on maps or in list format, and record incidents in the field to notify colleagues in the operation center. A new specialized portal is also available to help customers manage mustering during evacuations.

Image courtesy of Genetec

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