Semperis announced the appointment of James (Jim) W. Doggett Jr. as chief information security officer (CISO). A longtime partner at Ernst & Young (EY) LLP and a veteran security and risk executive, Doggett will be responsible for managing Semperis’ cybersecurity posture and information and risk management program, along with helping customers improve the resiliency of their foundational identity systems.

“Jim brings strong information resilience expertise and deep cybersecurity knowledge to Semperis,” said Mickey Bresman, CEO of Semperis. “His background in security risk management is particularly impressive. Today’s CISOs are tasked with managing risks that threaten their organization's information and data security, which continue to grow in number and scope. Jim has coached and mentored some of today‘s leading CISOs and has been a staunch advocate for taking a risk-based approach to security. We look forward to building on his leadership experience to further strengthen Semperis’ cybersecurity and risk posture and expand our message on the vital role that identity systems like Active Directory play in strong foundational security.”

With more than 35 years of experience leading cybersecurity and risk programs at global organizations, Doggett brings a powerful combination of leadership acumen and real-world experience to his new role at Semperis. Doggett served as partner at one of the largest professional services firms in the world, EY, for 28 years, where he was practice leader of the company’s information security group and responsible for all aspects of running and growing the business. During his time at EY, Doggett increased revenue by over $10 million annually, helped found its Information Technology Enablement Center (ITEC), and assisted in the development of the company’s Advanced Security Center. Most recently, Doggett held the position of senior vice president at Panaseer, where he currently serves on the Board of Directors. Doggett has previously held role as chief technology risk officer at AIG; chief security officer and chief technology risk officer at Kaiser Permanente; and managing director at JP Morgan Chase.

“This role at Semperis presents an exciting opportunity to join a team that truly understands the importance of foundational security,” said Doggett. “Active Directory is the gatekeeper to critical applications and data in 90% of organizations worldwide. The keys to the kingdom are really owned by Active Directory. It's incredibly important that we protect Active Directory by staying abreast of the latest indicators of exposure and compromise, optimizing configurations and continually monitoring for drift from a known good state, in addition to implementing auto-remediation capabilities to stop attacks in progress and avert disasters. There’s a massive need in the market right now for organizations to approach cyber resilience with a risk-based mindset and advocate for making the most impact with the fewest resources, which can largely be accomplished through securing Active Directory. I’m looking forward to helping raise Semperis’ security posture while elevating its message around foundational security and the critical role that Active Directory and identity systems play among the broader community of security leaders.”