The Westland Real Estate Group signed an agreement to deploy a K5 Autonomous Security Robot from Knightscope at an apartment complex in Las Vegas, NV. The real estate group, which is headquartered in Long Beach, CA, was founded in 1977 and currently owns and operates 65 multi-family communities across California and Nevada, representing over 12,000 residential units. In addition to its residential portfolio, Westland also owns retail and industrial spaces.

The initial deployment location in Las Vegas is in an area where higher crime rates have been reported, and Westland Real Estate intends to use the robot to work closely with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in an effort to deter/curb criminal behavior or activities to protect its residents.

The real estate group has nicknamed the robot, "Westy." The robot, which patrols the 1,129-unit complex on its own, is human-sized and includes four-camera video recording, facial recognition, license plate reading, verbal warnings, and a telephone-like connection with human security officers.