The growing number of Americans now working remotely is sparking concerns over new cybersecurity threats. More than half of all parents (51%) who work from home say their children have access to their work accounts, according to a 1Password study. Fourteen percent of parents say their children have access to their work device.  

With a record number of Americans (42%) now working remotely, according to Stanford research, security experts say it is crucial that business leaders boost their cyber security awareness training for employees.

“The reality is that most employees are not adequately trained to keep their devices secure, and to recognize potential threats,” according to Richard McClain, CEO of tech training firm INE.  “No one can guarantee the elimination of cyber threats, but a well-trained workforce can reduce the impact these types of attacks will have on a business.”

To help businesses combat the threat, INE offers cybersecurity awareness training for free. The company also offers a plethora of technical training focused on the IT industry.