On November 19 and 20, more than 200 industry and government officials exercised the energy sector’s response and recovery to a Wasatch earthquake during CESER’s Clear Path VIII. This year’s scenario impacted critical energy infrastructure within Utah and the surrounding states with cascading impacts across the Western United States. The regional, all hazards Clear Path Exercise series brings together energy sector partners on an annual basis to update policies and procedures, identify areas for collective improvement, and strengthen relationships and cooperation.

CESER Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Nick Andersen opened the meeting, stating, “The continued success of Clear Path is built on the support and involvement of Federal, state, and local government partners, cross-sector entities, and private sector organizations.” To date, CESER has engaged over 800 energy sector and cross-infrastructure sector partners in Clear Path exercises.

Exercises like Clear Path offer a practical way to enhance national security while cultivating public-private sector relationships. The Clear Path series has covered a variety of scenarios to challenge response officials and allow planners to build on corrective actions and validate improvements made in response to lessons learned from both exercises and real-world incidents.