What’s an enterprise security leader to do? Remote workers are fed up with security tools. This according to the results of a new survey conducted by NetMotion. Of the now-remote enterprise employees surveyed across the U.S. and U.K., nearly 70% reported that security products make their job harder. Further, 58% of respondents consider the impact of security tools detrimental to productivity. 

As a workaround to the security tool burden, remote workers are increasingly admitting to the use of shadow IT. Our recent survey also found that:

  • 25% of remote workers admit to using a significant number of tools outside of official company policy while 36% admit to using some.
  • The most popular unsanctioned tools used by remote workers, according to the survey, are productivity apps (38%) such as Google Docs and Doodle, followed closely by communications software (32%) such as WhatsApp and Zoom.

More details and analysis of the survey can be found here.