The Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency (CISA) has released an infographic mapping analysis of 44 of its Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (RVAs) conducted in Fiscal Year 2019 to the MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) Framework. The infographic identifies routinely successful attack paths CISA observed during RVAs conducted across multiple sectors. Cyber attackers can use these attack paths to compromise organizations.

CISA encourages network administrators and IT professionals to review the infographic and apply the recommended defensive strategies to protect against the observed tactics and techniques. Review CISA’s Cyber Essentials for more information on where to start implementing organizational cybersecurity practices. For information on CISA RVAs and requesting additional services, visit CISA’s National Cybersecurity Assessment and Technical Services page.  

Download the infographic here