Cloud communications and other advanced networking solutions have not only changed the way we connect with the world around us today, but they are also driving the change in future connectivity and are set to transform the way businesses create operating models, collaborate, and more. So, what does the future of connectivity look like in 2021? The near future consists of more robust security, more intuitive and streamlined connectivity, and increased mobility for a global workforce.


AI involved in more robust cloud security

Today, as the internet evolves, fraudsters’ tactics for cyberattacks have gotten smarter. Therefore, cloud security experts are continuously working to strengthen security efforts. Cloud security is already being improved with machine language engines that analyze the global data points of billions of cloud-based transactions. Due to this, artificial intelligence (AI) that learns these data points can identify attacks in a more timely and accurate way, improving threat detection.

In the future, cloud security will be more resilient and durable. It will also become more automated and driven by AI, which will improve the development and execution of automated defense systems and increase efficiency when compared to manual detection of security operations, which can fall victim to human error. With this new security process, security will not only become stronger, but it will also seem less obtrusive to users, as security will be focused on being a streamlined and positive operation.


Streamlined and simplified systems

Cloud communications is already making huge strides in creating a unified communications system that integrates a variety of communication methods, including video conferencing, text messaging, and phone calls, into one simplified, integrated platform. Cloud communications is projected to become even more simplified and intuitive to users, as, in the future, providers will more commonly offer a complete service that covers all communication needs, rather than one or a few aspects.


Increased mobilization for a global workforce

Today, cloud communications has allowed workplaces to communicate and collaborate virtually, all around the world. In the near future, as cloud-based applications and hosted servers become more accessible, cloud communications will enhance mobility for remote teams to connect with each other more effectively and efficiently. This new accessibility, along with the increased globalization of the business world, will result in an increase of global workplaces, as companies will have an easier time managing and communicating with employees in new countries.


Increase in serverless computing

In cloud communications, features, applications and functions rely on performing without a server. This is because the cloud, which is serverless, allows for a virtually endless amount of space that offers scalability, flexibility and lower costs without limitations or overworking of a server. Because of the many benefits that serverless computing offers, the popularity of systems that function without a server has risen immensely over recent years. In fact, the serverless computer market size is estimated to grow to 7.72 billion by 2021, according to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).


Connectivity will be stronger, faster, and safer with 5G

With cloud connectivity rising in popularity and improving with each generation, cloud security will become stronger, more reliable, and safter. 5G, the new generation of technology for networks, provides a speed that is 100 times faster and provides a much larger bandwidth than 4G. Furthermore, security is continuously improving with 5G, with techniques such as Encrypting identifiers and network slicing made possible.

In short, cloud communication is shaping the future of communication and collaboration, all for the better. Streamlined and intuitive communication that allows for businesses to connect more effectively and efficiently on a global scale will improve future innovations and ideas – all while giving users peace of mind with a robust security system. Therefore, when you look to the future of connectivity in 2021 – and beyond – know that cloud communications will positively impact and influence the world in countless different ways.