Genetec Security Center for Airports enables security managers, terminal and ground handling staff, control room operators, and passenger experience managers to work together using a single unified product. In addition to video management (Security Center Omnicast ), access control (Security Center Synergis) and Automatic License Plate recognition capabilities (Security Center AutoVuTM), Security Center for Airports features a number of airport-specific capabilities including:

  • Security Center Flight Business Logic: correlates flight information with other operational resources and automates surveillance and operation management based on flight and gate information so security teams are always in sync. 
  • Security Center Boarding Route Management: uses Security Center SynergisTM to define specific routes and streamline boarding and deplaning operations. 
  • Security Center Restricted Area Surveillance: relies on multiple intrusion detection technologies (radar, LiDar, fence intrusion detection, video analytics, drone detection, etc.) to detect potential threats across wide areas to strengthen tarmac, aircraft, traveler and staff security. 
  • Security Center Passenger Analytics: an advanced analytics solution that extracts valuable insights from sensors like security cameras. Helps measure and visualize passenger counting, queues and occupancy to predict the passenger flow and send notifications to mitigate bottlenecks. 

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