IN-DEPTH Camera offers a fever detection camera to assist in preventing the spread of viral diseases such as COVID-19. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI)and advanced scene analytics, the thermal imaging system allows for quick and accurate detection of elevated body temperature and automated people counting as they enter a building. The camera can also detect if people are keeping safe distances from each other. The system is an effective non-contact, fully automated solution to provide safer environments in places such as airports, hospitals, police departments, schools, businesses and any large public gathering location. The turn-key system comes pre-configured for fever screening, making it ready to run with minimal setup or training. The efficient software is intuitive and easy to use, so that people can be processed quickly to avoid creating bottlenecks and disgruntled lines. The system features AI-enabled facial recognition technology and can scan up to 30 people per second and store more than 20,000 faces in real-time and identify 'as known' or 'as strangers.' The AI scene analytics tool can detect scenarios such as an individual entering with or without a mask, detection of mask removal and also assess the number of people entering a building. The AI Social Distancing tool can detect if people are keeping safe distance from each other by analyzing real-time video streams from the camera — all with no additional employee required to operate.

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