Personal finance website determined that the average American had their personal data stolen about once every three months or about four times over the course of the year.

“There are many variables at play when determining how many times your data may have been compromised last year,” the report said. “Folks who use the internet more often, log in to a large number of accounts each day or aren’t online much at all have different risks."

The most common outlets for breached data were social media sites, apps/software and websites, the report said. 

The report said that it's impossible to know the impact and extent to which data breaches are occurring as many go unreported.

It provided a list of data breaches that affected Americans in 2019: 

First American Corporation 885,000,000
Facebook (1) 540,000,000
Truecaller 299,055,000
Facebook (2) 267,000,000
Microsoft 250,000,000
Zynga 173,000,000
Canva 140,000,000
ElasticSearch 108,000,000
Capital One 106,000,000
Quest Diagnostics 11,900,000
Adobe Inc. 7,500,000
StockX 6,800,000
DoorDash 4,900,000
Facebook (3) 1,500,000