New research from Kaspersky reveals that roughly 36 percent of small businesses have been victims of data breaches so far in 2019. 

While data breaches remain an area of concern for businesses of all sizes, the survey revealed that small businesses in particular are not taking the proper precautions to prevent such threats from happening, says the release.

While cybersecurity incidents in companies with under 50 employees are rarely publicized, data breaches for small organizations are growing faster than in any other sector and have experienced a year over year increase of six percent since 2018 as opposed to SMBs (two percent) and enterprises (three percent).

The survey found a third of small business (33 percent) do not have centralized cybersecurity management and maintenance protection on a specific computer remains the responsibility of each individual employee. In addition, the survey revealed that some small businesses (25 percent) use home consumer products as their only form of security protection.