A new survey says that people consider malicious insiders (30 percent) and human error (25 percent) to be the two top cybersecurity threats.

According to the Canon Office of the Future survey, malware and ransomware are other pertinent cybersecurity threats. More than one-third of respondents consider malware and ransomware a first priority threat. Yet, 25 percent of respondents say that employees have limited to no security awareness, nor do they understand their role in prevention.

The last pertinent cybersecurity threat are compromised devices. In today’s digital age, says the survey, and with remote working trends on the rise, 21 percent of IT decision-makers rate compromised devices as a priority threat. Respondents then rank data security, network security, and user authentication and ID management as the top three most relevant technologies to help counteract this threat.

Survey results noted additional gaps, such as lack of appropriate cybersecurity spend across certain verticals. However, the survey found that 25 percent of respondents are looking to increase investments in cloud security in the future.