Studying millions of devices, agents, and apps, uncovered that 42 percent of all endpoints are unprotected at any given time, says the 2019 Endpoint Security Trends report

Two percent of endpoint agents fail per week, meaning 100 percent of endpoint security tools eventually fail. 

Additional findings include: 

  • 70 percent of breaches originated at the endpoint.
  • 35 percent of breaches are caused by existing vulnerabilities.
  • 28 percent of endpoints are unprotected at any given point in a year. 
  • 21 percent of endpoints are with outdated antivirus/anti-malware. 
  • Seven percent of endpoints are missing protection.
  • More than 42 percent of endpoints experienced encryption failures.
  • Client management and patching tools break reliably and predictably: 19 percent of endpoints require at least one client/patch management repair monthly. 
  • Patch and client management agents are often repeat offenders: of those patching agents requiring repair, 75 percent reported at least two repair events and 50 percent reported three or more repair events. Five percent could be considered to be chronically ill, with 80 or more repair events in the same one-month period.