TSA, airport officials and security personnel will talk potential changes after the security breach last month where a man assaulted a traveler, according to KUTV News

The attacker did not have an air ticket and passed through the security screening at the Salt Lake City International Airport. The attack occurred inside Concourse G. Many are wondering how the attacker made it through to a Concourse without having been stopped by airport security personnel or by TSA. 

"TSA’s travel document verification procedures were not properly followed at Salt Lake City International Airport on Saturday, March 30. As a result, an individual who was not ticketed for travel gained access to the sterile area of the airport. The individual and his belongings were screened through the security checkpoint with no alarms. TSA will cooperate with law enforcement in its ongoing investigation," said a spokeswoman for TSA in a 2News report

The attack is expected to increase security preparedness and change security protocols at the Salt Lake City International Airport.