Key enhancements for OnSSI’s Ocularis v5.7 VMS include a new recorded video backup feature that provides additional copies of the recorded video data that can be saved to another location on the system, at no additional cost. Applicable to many vertical markets, the copied video can be accessed through all Ocularis Clients, providing an additional copy of the video data at a central or separate location. This can be helpful if video needs to be moved for long-term storage or if a video copy is required by law. Another new feature provides mirrored recordings (available in Ocularis Ultimate), featuring simultaneous recordings of all cameras to ensure that video is never lost from hardware failure of the primary recording server. Ocularis Desktop, Web and Mobile Client updates include the ability to schedule when users can log in and restrict user access during off hours, allowing administrators to control when and which users are in the system. TLS 1.2 encryption has also been enhanced for stronger system security. 

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