Seagate Technology’s SkyHawk™ AI 14TB is its most advanced surveillance-optimized drive designed for NVRs enabled with AI for edge security applications. Able to flawlessly record footage from up to 64 HD cameras while simultaneously supporting 32 additional AI streams with metadata, SkyHawk AI can store more than 9,000 hours of HD video. Equipped with ImagePerfect™ AI firmware, SkyHawk AI ensures higher image integrity to minimize dropped frames and downtime. SkyHawk AI features fast read and write speeds, making the data readily available for deep learning, predictive analytics and decision making in real time. Built to handle the heavy workloads of AI-enabled surveillance systems that operate 24/7, SkyHawk AI is designed for more than three times the workload of standard surveillance drives. SkyHawk AI features advanced vibration management for improved and sustained performance in 16+ bay NVR systems. It offers improved reliability and reduced total cost of ownership with 2M-hour MTBF. SkyHawk AI also includes SkyHawk Health Management software that actively monitors and analyzes drive health, empowering users to prevent, intervene and recover from potential anomalies. As an additional option, Seagate offers Rescue Data Recovery Service Plans that give customers peace of mind that their data is protected. If the drive fails, this plan can help customers restore their data and even replace their failed hard drive, if needed.

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