Colleges and Universities take matters of campus security very seriously. Every campus has a significant number of blue light/emergency phones located around the school property. Some of these phone locations also include security cameras that allow the caller to be seen by someone at the response center. As new technology becomes available and security gets more scrutiny, many schools are updating their systems. This can include the installation of VoIP security phones as well as IP cameras.

OneReach PoE (Power over Ethernet) extender system can provide both the power and data required for IP devices at distances up to 3,600 ft/1,100 m from the equipment room. A more traditional PoE approach would require mid-span equipment to be located within 100 m (330 ft) of the phones and cameras, and could also require a new electrical power cable run and electrical outlet to be installed. If these critical campus emergency system components are run with local power, redundancy needs to be considered as well so that a power outage does not bring down the emergency call system or security cameras.

The OneReach system simply needs one length of composite fiber/copper cable to be run to each remote powered device. This includes everything needed for data transmission (fiber connection) and for powering the device (copper connection). With all power coming from the equipment room, having UPS back-up is easy, required in only one central location to protect all remote sites.

The cabling is standards compliant and provides cost savings through simple installation, elimination of separate electrical power cabling, and consolidation of back-up power supplies. To request a free demo, please visit