Securiguard provides government and commercial agencies with armed and unarmed security services, security administration, technology, training, and risk and vulnerability assessments.

With 300 employees at Securiguard and 700-plus at VendTech, a central system to manage scheduling, payroll and other HR tasks for its geographically-dispersed hourly and salary workforce was needed.

“Prior to Valiant, we used spreadsheets to track schedules and time collection which was a time-consuming, manual process that supported our payroll processing,” explained Jesus Canales, Finance Director at Securiguard.

To manage payroll biweekly, project managers per location would maintain timesheets, then submit them to the finance department. Manually entering hours took up to four days to finalize payroll for approximately 80 employees.

Scheduling was another challenge. Relying on paper to manage guard shifts, changes, and overtime. Compounding the paper-based process was the need to submit daily compliance reports per guard.

Securiguard’s collection process deploys a dedicated mobile phone per location. To clock in and out, employees call a number uniquely coded to the location, schedule and guard. Allowing guards to report directly to their post.

VendTech’s payroll can be complex, since personnel are in four different states; having unique tax codes and requirements. “One of our regions took us over a week to run payroll because of territorial taxes and other deductions, union dues, overtime, etc. Valiant reduced this to one to two days – that’s huge,” added Canales.

Implementing Valiant for scheduling and payroll, Securiguard’s finance department has been able to cut payroll processing time by over 50%, while achieving time collection workflow efficiencies. They also improved compliance reporting, keeping pace with the weekly requirements the government imposes as part of their service level agreement.

According to Canales, “Since using Valiant, verifying payroll, clock-in and clock out times, calculating taxes, and submitting compliance reports has been significantly cut down.”