Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announced the opening of the state's first cybersecurity operations center.

The SOC is Alabama’s first ever centralized security operation. It monitors the state’s use of electronic resources, including what is being attacked and where the attacks are coming from. To date, the SOC has provided 800 million blocks on the state’s firewalls, preventing unauthorized users from accessing the network, as well as four million antivirus blocks to servers and personal computers.

“Cybersecurity is a priority of my Administration, and today, I was proud to officially open our state’s first Security Operations Center,” Governor Ivey said. “There is such a wide range of uses for our technology in today’s world, which means we must do our part to ensure cybersecurity, especially on our state’s technology system.”

OIT also launched its new cybersecurity website, With cyber threats on the rise, this website helps all citizens to be aware of potential dangers and provides resources to keep themselves, their families and their businesses safe.

“Gov. Ivey understands the importance of protecting Alabama from cyberattacks that threaten the security and economy of the state. OIT is proud of the role CISO Ryan Allen, and the entire cybersecurity team, play in keeping the state’s government, as well as Alabama citizens, safe from potential threats,” says OIT Acting Secretary Jim Purcell.