As the summer travel season is in full swing, the Transportation Security Administration is looking to hire thousands more security officers.

The hiring process typically takes two months, and starting pay for security officers begins at around $35,000 a year, depending on the role and the location. But with the tight job market right now, recruitment of top talent can be challenging.

According to Key Malley, TSA director for recruitment and field operations: “With the uptick in the U.S. economy and increases in wages and compensation packages, like most employers we have steeper competition. We work hard to sell the benefits of federal employment to try to attract folks to help with America’s travel public. The TSA position is hard; we ask a lot out of those officers… we are to work aggressively so people know what they are getting into. But it is very rewarding for them. They are working to support very important mission.”

According to CNBC, Malley says the transportation security officer position is a great entry into federal employment for those who are service- and mission-oriented.