Work is being done on the final phase of a $4 million security project at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, including the installation of concrete bollards placed in front of tunnels to the airport, at the curb in front of the building and around the parkade to mitigate vehicle-borne attacks.

According to the CBC, it’s part of a two-year project to secure the physical infrastructure at Halifax Stanfield. The project included shatterproof glass and adding more security cameras. The project increased restrictions round who can access parts of the airport, such as mechanical and computer rooms.

The funding for these enhancements comes out of the airport improvement fee, included in the taxes on each departing ticket.

"I think we really have to consider the society we live in today. Unfortunately, we're all too well aware of violent acts that are done intentionally," says airport spokesperson Theresa Rath Spicer in the CBC article.

"Of course, there's also things that happen accidentally. We've all heard stories about people pressing on the gas instead of pressing on the brake and running through the front of a window, that has happened here in the city of Halifax. So we're really trying to enhance the security measures for the best interests of everyone,” Spicer adds.