Two Michigan House bills would allow teachers to carry self-defense sprays and foams in their schools. Sponsored by state Rep. Beau LaFave, R-Iron Mountain, teachers who undergo proper licensing and training also would be allowed to carry Tasers under the proposed legislation.

The bill’s sponsor said pepper spray and Tasers have the ability to impair a possible attacker, potentially saving lives in an emergency situation. Because both usually are non-lethal, state Rep. Jason Sheppard, RTemperance, said pepper spray and Tasers would offer protection in schools that isn’t deadly to users or victims.

 “It’s an atrocious bill and I think it’s stupid,” Bellino said. “This is a horrendous idea. I would

A separate package of House bills introduced in March aims at funding additional personnel in schools. The three bills call for a state grant program to help schools pay for resource officers and mental health professionals.