A video game that simulated school shootings has been pulled before its release date after facing public backlash.

"Active Shooter" encouraged players to open fire inside classrooms and auditoriums as a heavy metal soundtrack thumped in the background.

It was set to come out on June 6.

The computer game was going to be released via the digital marketplace Steam, and was developed by Revived Games, which marketed it as a "dynamic SWAT simulator." It offered the option to play either the shooter or a SWAT team member.

Valve Corporation, the owner of Steam, announced it had removed the game after an investigation, and found that the developer and publisher was actually "a person calling himself Ata Berdiyev, who had previously been removed last fall."

A disclaimer at the beginning of the game's demo had said it did not intend to glamorize violence.

The game's description also said players should "not take any of this seriously" and urged them to get help if they feel like hurting anyone.