Torrential rains. Massive flooding. Millions in trouble. And billions in damage. When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, chaos followed. 

The hurricane was the first natural disaster of this scale to strike the U.S. in the social media era, making this source a valuable data stream for real-time updates throughout the storm.

Dataminr, a technology platform that provides real-time alerts about breaking events derived from public datasets, kept clients informed throughout the hurricane. Alerts from Dataminr helped corporate security teams keep their people, assets, and supply chains safe as conditions on the ground worsened.

Dataminr for Corporate Security clients received alerts about power outages, the government's response, and the areas suffering from the worst flooding. They also learned about the imminent closing of the Port of Houston, which caused massive delays and trickle-down effects for shipping, rail, and trucking providers. Receiving this information sooner than major news reporting of the incident helped clients make alternate arrangements and minimize additional expenses at a time when the entire transportation industry was scrambling to reroute cargo and establish alternate supply lines. 

These are just a few ways real-time alerts helped security teams maintain a 360 view during Hurricane Harvey. Employing social media and public data for current information is essential during any extreme whether event. It can be the difference between staying ahead and suffering preventable consequences. 

Watch the video for more about how Dataminr covered Hurricane Harvey.