Only 15 percent of cyber professionals are not looking to switch jobs this year, according to (ISC)2’s Hiring and Retaining Top Cybersecurity Talent report. Seventy percent of cyber professionals say they are open to new opportunities. The report suggests cybersecurity professionals may be encouraged to consider new opportunities due to unmet expectations between enterprises and their cybersecurity workforce – during the hiring process and on the job – combined with high demand for security skills and frequent contact from recruiters.

When asked what’s most important for cybersecurity professionals’ personal fulfillment, salary was not the top priority; 68 percent want to work where their “opinions are taken seriously,” 62 percent want to work where they can “protect people and their data,” and 59 percent want to work for an employer “that adheres to a strong code of ethics.”

Regarding their professional goals, 62 percent of cybersecurity workers want to work for a company with “clearly defined ownership of cybersecurity responsibilities,” 59 percent want an employer that “views cybersecurity more broadly than just technology,” and 59 percent want to work for an enterprise that “trains employees on cybersecurity.”

Cyber professionals are being aggressively targeted by recruiters, with 13 percent saying they are contacted “many times a day,” and 34 percent a few times per month. Eighty-five percent of cybersecurity workers would investigate a potential employer’s security capabilities before taking a job, and what they discovered would influence their decision. More than 50 percent are more likely to take a job with an organization that takes security seriously, and only 40 percent will work for a company that needs security improvements.