Approximately eight in 10 professionals polled by Robert Half Management Resources feel at least somewhat confident in the ability of senior management to grow the business, provide sound financial stewardship and drive innovation. However, nearly one in five workers expressed concerns, including feeling that their firm’s senior leadership doesn’t value employees’ careers or personal advancement.

“Gaining and keeping employees' faith requires commitment," says Tim Hird, executive director of Robert Half Management Resources. "Stay in touch with staff, and continually invest in their growth. Your ability to attract and retain talented professionals depends on it."

Along with the survey results, the company offered five leadership tips that can easily apply to enterprise security executives:

  1. Take a genuine interest. Talk to your employees about their career goals and their concerns, and then work to address their motivations or challenges.
  2. Add meaning to the job. Employees should know how your firm’s (or your security department’s) products and services improve the lives of customers and how their individual contributions support the company’s mission.
  3. Provide regular business updates. Make the organization’s objectives an ongoing topic of conversation. Explain to staff the rationale behind organizational goals and the steps being taken to attain them.
  4. Tap experts. Bring in consultants who provide in-demand knowledge not available internally. Interim professionals can also assist with spikes in activity, helping staff manage heavy workloads.
  5. Sell the firm to staff – again and again. Keep employees appraised of the enterprise’s successes and regularly promote the great reasons to work there.