The ability to remotely manage IP devices and communicate critical data and diagnostics on a unified platform is both highly efficient and cost-effective for professional surveillance and security systems. With ongoing advancements in networking, security managers across the industry are increasingly looking to deploy better means of achieving network communications. In addition to achieving higher levels of systems integration, network communications also enable myriad remote control, monitoring and reporting capabilities.

What has been missing from network communication solutions to monitor the overall health of a system is the ability to remotely monitor, control and report diagnostics in real-time from power supplies and peripheral components. Now, new network communications solutions are available that provide real-time data from power supplies and peripheral components to achieve this goal. By adding network communications to the core power and transmission components that are the foundation for virtually every video surveillance and security system, security management can achieve higher levels of system integration and integrity to provide comprehensive network communication solutions. Early intervention and preventive maintenance can be handled with higher degrees of accuracy, and unnecessary service calls can be all but eliminated, which improves overall security and reduces overall total cost of ownership.

Benefits for All

From a daily operations perspective, enterprise security leaders can now benefit in several ways by taking advantage of the ability to remotely control and communicate with mission critical system components. The sustained integrity and operation of their systems result in higher overall security, while reducing liabilities associated with system downtime. In addition, the ability to network, control and monitor all the core power and transmission devices completes the IP network communications chain resulting in truly networked systems.

From a maintenance and service perspective, real-time data from core power and transmission components allows system administrators to quickly diagnose and resolve problems which could otherwise take hours, or even days just to isolate. In instances where a device simply needs to be rebooted, remote access allows installers to perform this simple procedure without sending a technician into the field. Remote control, monitoring and diagnostics also make system setup, service and maintenance much more efficient relative to managing technicians’ time, costs and customer service. Further, with APIs (Application Program Interfaces)available for customization with partnered suppliers, new IP communications solutions enable single platform control and open up a whole new realm of possibilities for system design.

When evaluating a power supply or transmission product for network integration, it is important to look beyond the ability to simply control device settings from a remote location.  Considering how important data communication is to a networked system’s integration and overall reliability, it’s important to research and compare feature sets and capabilities offered by various communications solutions to best integrate power supply or transmission devices. A few specific features to look for include: remote monitoring, programming and control, and reporting capabilities; the ability to group multiple products based on user defined parameters, or to group multiple locations to delineate specific system sites and installations; and automatic email and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) notification to send TRAP messages to authorized personnel when exceptions in an IP device’s operation or status are detected. Additionally, all status, event notifications and device programming changes should be recorded in a detailed event log on a product by product basis. Last but not least, access to the platform and individual devices needs to be password protected with user defined administration levels. It is also always recommended to deploy devices from reputable manufacturers specializing in core power supply and transmission products to ensure seamless compatibility and ease of deployment.

The addition of a comprehensive networked communication solution for power supply and transmission devices raises the standard for integrated surveillance and security systems, and gives new meaning to the adage “the power to communicate.”