With 93 locations in 19 states and a trajectory of continued growth, national retailer Gordmans wanted to ensure that its loss prevention strategy was able to keep pace. Gordmans needed a provider who could help strengthen security, minimize shrinkage and offer ongoing support, while maintaining a tight budget. What’s more, the solution would need to be scalable to accommodate the ongoing expansion of its locations.

They found what they were looking for with Prime Communications’ unique life cycle managed services approach. This modular suite of services provided all the necessary pieces to deploy a state-of-the-art video surveillance system, along with engineering and design, project management and ongoing technical support.


Each district loss prevention manager around the country is able to manage video locally at each retail location. Mobile capabilities provide Gordmans managers with full control of video and access control through approved mobile devices, so they can push alarms, view video or  open doors remotely.

Group and Prime Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) provided implementation of the surveillance system and technical support to get Gordmans’ internal loss prevention teams up and running.

Gordmans is able to federate all the systems for independent or centralized investigations. The Genetec system allows independent bandwidth control to be managed by camera channel, server or operator making pipe video possible to a centralized location despite bandwidth limitations. With Prime’s loss prevention solution, Gordmans is able to implement an effective loss prevention program that minimizes shrinkage and strengthens security – with the ability to add locations and capabilities necessary for a growing company.