A new state commission will focus on maintaining security of computer systems and data — cybersecurity — for Rhode Island government operations, as well as growing the cybersecurity industry in the state.

Gov. Gina Raimondo signed an executive order at the State House creating the cybersecurity commission, which will include the Directors of the Emergency Management Agency, the Rhode Island National Guard, the Department of Public Safety, and other state agencies concerned with commerce, as well as private sector and academic representatives. The chairman will be Scott DePasquale, the CEO of Utilidata, a software company based in South Providence.

Raimondo’s executive order is directing the commission to look at current state cybersecurity infrastructure, and recommending ways to improve. That plan is due October 1, said WPRI.com. A second plan, due December 1, must focus on how the state can support economic growth in the cybersecurity sector and workforce.