Managing security and payment compliance for multi-store enterprises can be an expensive, daunting task. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (RMCF) sought a standardized solution to use across all stores that would ease implementation and management challenges while protecting brand identity. In addition to their security needs, RMCF required a solution that would help them to maintain PCI compliance.

However, RMCF was challenged to find an affordable solution to meet these needs. They would need to invest in a comprehensive solution or piece together a solution themselves. Addressing PCI compliance in-house would require hiring a security auditor, completing manual questionnaires, scanning their network and hiring multiple security vendors.

Challenges of meeting PCI compliance typically include:

  • Costly components from several vendors
  • Thousands of dollars per location using self-assembly options
  • The necessity to use high-priced consultants due to lack of security expertise

After examining the cost and complexities of several security solutions, RMCF selected the Cybera ONE solution to achieve PCI compliance and deliver a standardized security solution.

With Cybera ONE, RMCF was able to protect brand identity, guard against data breaches, and avoid noncompliance fees through a scalable solution that eliminated the expenses of integration and management. Most importantly, by eliminating management issues, Cybera ONE allowed RMCF to focus on their core business, instead of the complexities of security and compliance. Additionally, RMCF:

  • Met regulatory and standards compliance with PCI-DSS
  • Simplified management through a standardized solution across all stores
  • Saved money by delivering all elements at 80% less than other solutions
  • Reduced risks through obsolescence protection program
  • Eliminated cost of data centers, servers and specialized security personnel
  • Narrowed PCI CDE scope
  • Benefitted from simple installation and ongoing management