The Homeland Security Department ranked last in overall satisfaction amongst 19 large federal agencies for the third year in a row, according to the National Journal.

The agency’s 46.8 percent rating in overall satisfaction marks a more than 6-point drop from 2012. The rankings, in “The Best Places to Work” 2013 report, are largely based on data collected by the Office of Personnel Management through its Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

The intelligence community ranked third (67.3 percent overall satisfaction), but the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Staff, Defense Agencies, and Department of Defense Field Activities ranked 17 out of 19.

Homeland Security has been plagued with low morale and multiple leadership vacancies. DHS also ranked last in 11 of the 14 categories of the report, including effective leadership, teamwork and strategic management. It ranked next to last in pay and work-life balance. Its highest category ranking was in “alternative work and employee support programs” (16th out of the 19 agencies).

The overall DHS rating was more than 13 points lower than the average overall rating for large agencies, the article says.