Globally, the Siemens brand plays in many spaces. In security, Siemens is known for its integrated approach to security, with product applications demonstrating how different system configurations can be utilized in a given environment. Its success has given it a number two position on sister publication SDM’s 2013 Top Integrator Report.

Here, Rich Cillessen, VP Enterprise Security for Siemens, discusses some of the unique trends that Siemens sees with its global customers.


What specific trends are you seeing with your security executive customers?

We’re seeing big data coming more and more into play in security – the need to manage and analyze the large amounts of data coming together from multiple input streams provided by numerous collection devices. While situational awareness continues to be paramount for our key clients, providing them with real-time, actionable intelligence is key to their success in risk mitigation and management. We’re also seeing that the consistent delivery of applications and services across their entire enterprise is becoming ever the more critical, as this consistency lends itself to system and process reliability.


What major risks/issues are your security executives facing?

Identity management is a major risk that many of our key clients struggle with on a daily basis. Credentialing of employees, contractors and visitors is paramount to providing access to appropriate resources and areas that allow the business to run securely, efficiently and with minimum disruptions.


Do you see your security executive customers looking to upgrade their analog video systems, or are now they asking for IP video systems?

With rare exception, all systems we install today, and for the last few years, are IP; however, many of the existing systems out there today that are analog are performing well. It is difficult to justify replacing a properly maintained and operating analog system with IP. The cost, many times, outweighs the benefits of an IP system.


What types of specific access control trends are you seeing with your security executive customers?

Centrally managed (not centrally hosted) systems are becoming the norm for many of our corporate clients, but one of the latest trends we see from our clients is the shift from proprietary hardware to a more open platform. Our clients want the freedom as they have in many of their other enterprise-level systems.


What types of specific ID management trends are you seeing with your security executive customers?

Identity management and convergence between physical and logical access is here and now. Many companies in our space simply do not know how to address that convergence. Helping customers navigate this process is a unique competency that we have developed through the experience gained in executing numerous convergence projects with organizations large and small.


What is the most unique installation that you have recently done?

We recently completed a project for a high-containment lab space for a bio-pharma customer. Due to the work that they perform, we cannot divulge the details, but I can tell you the security was more complex than just about any application I have seen in my 20 years in the security business.