Imagine invisible perimeter security – a microwave detection system so sensitive it can distinguish between people and animals alongside a fence. This is not science fiction, but it is a product in progress: after receiving a nearly £600,000 ($935,340) investment, MicroSence Solutions in the Northern Ireland Science Park is working on an invisible microwave barrier to boost perimeter fence security, especially at power plants, airports and borders.

But while this technology is still a ways away from the average installation, there are still numerous options for security technology to help maintain perimeter security.

Guard-booths are one technology that offer both protection to the perimeter and to the enterprise’s security officers, especially for bullet-resistant booths.

For the San Ysidro Landed Port of Entry, the busiest land port in the world located between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, 50 custom-design, bullet-resistant guard booths are being installed to double the pace of inspection without sacrificing security. The port processes an average of 50,000 northbound vehicles every day, and the new stops feature two stacked bullet-resistant inspection booths to double the capacity of the 24 existing booths.

The installation also includes photovoltaic and Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) roof structures to shade cars and security officers, and its translucent nature allows for natural light. This reduces or eliminates the need for artificial lighting during the day, reducing energy costs. 

The $5 million project also added (K4-rated) barricade swing gates where vertical lifts are impractical to install, plus additional barriers and bollards.

At Loyola University in Chicago, Ill., security extends even beyond the official perimeter of the campus to protect students who live in the surrounding areas. According to Tim Cunningham, Student Community Liaison Officer for Loyola’s campus police department, two off-campus satellite offices serve as a safe space for students in trouble.

With emergency phones both inside and outside of the storefronts, students can immediately contact the campus dispatch center. In order to get inside the booth, students must use their school-issued swipe card, which also adds a level of security to the safe-houses. The emergency phones are under surveillance, so dispatchers have an additional resource to help them determine the exact nature of the emergency.

Students at Loyola are introduced to security through the summer orientation programs, as well as through multiple outreach programs throughout the school year and on social media, reminding them of safety tips and what resources are available.

What resources and technology is available to you, as an enterprise security executive? Check out this product gallery for newly released perimeter security tools.


Specifications for a High-Tech, Bullet-Resistant Booth


Level 1:Impact

Level 2:Handgun – 9mm or .357

Level 3:Handgun – .44 Magnum,

   5.5 ammunition or 12-guage shotgun

Level 4:High-power rifle such as a 30.06, 7.62 ammunition, hand grenade, high explosive

Data courtesy of Delta Scientific


Perimeter Product Gallery

Helps Perform Maintenance at the Door

This fully integrated technical diagnostics and configuration device helps enterprise security professionals manage access control preferences directly on a security revolving door. The LCD touchscreen, built directly into the end-post on the secure side of the door, enables authorized users to access the software through a username and password. You can set different security modes to operate during different times of the day or week – for example, card-in/free out during business hours, card-only in evenings and locked on weekends. Technicians can also quickly check the door’s status to keep everything working smoothly or schedule maintenance alerts after a predetermined number of uses.

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Blends in with Artful Architecture

Inspired by the charm of Southern plantation architecture, this booth’s tough steel exterior includes painted window muntins and mullions, architectural tube steel and base trim and crown molding, combining an aesthetically pleasing appearance with durable and functional construction. This security booth also includes tinted class, air conditioning and built-in preps for cameras and data.

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Enables Perimeter Intruder Detection in Irregular Locations

In order to manage perimeter security in storage yards, substations, car lots or blind spots in unusual topography, this smart thermal camera detects intruders at distances of up to 60 meters at a 63-degree field of view. Versatile camera placements can eliminate the need for additional infrastructure such as poles and trenching, plus it leverages on-board video processing for high Probability of Detect and low Nuisance Alarm Rates. The camera consists of a thermal imager with lens optics, electronic stabilization, image contrast enhancement, video analytics software, camera control and geospatial target tracking for more accurate detection.

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