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There are 70 billion Facebook posts every month and an average of 190 million tweets every day. This is a new avenue of communication for both customers and threat actors alike, and it would behoove enterprise security executives to monitor those discussions. But instead of getting bogged down in the billions of tweets and posts, this social media monitoring module can track how many times a brand name was mentioned on social media or generate alarms based on potentially hazardous content. Geo-fence parameters can also be set for a building, a neighborhood, a city or a county, so that a school system could monitor the district for keywords related to bullying or words such as “bomb” or “gun.” Each keyword or combination of words can be escalated according to the type of alarm and how it should be handled.

The module can also add value on the marketing side of the enterprise by monitoring brand-related activity and relevant trends, listen to customers, monitor the enterprise’s online reputation and keep track of competitors. The software also allows companies to save time on taking immediate action and responding to online customers complaints before they escalate.

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