From 1993 to 2010, the decline of violent victimization rates (down 76 percent) was greater than the decline in crime prevalence (down 63 percent). However, the percentage of violent crime victims who experienced two or more victimizations during a year (17 percent in 2010) accounted for 54 percent of all violent victimizations, according to a new study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Additional findings include: victims of intimate partner violence (21 percent) are more likely to experience repeat victimization that victims of stranger violence (9 percent).

Also, the proportion of household property crime victims who reported two or more incidents during the year decreased from 25 percent in 1993 to 18 percent in 2010 – that 18 percent also accounted for about 41 percent of all household property victimizations.

You can read the full report online here (PDF).