The Cloud Security Alliance has recently released an expanded Top 10 Big Data Challenges report, including three new issues: Modeling (formalizing a threat model that covers most of the cyber-attack or data-leakage scenarios), Analysis (finding tractable solutions based on the threat model) and Implementation (implanting the solution in existing infrastructure).

The top 10 challenges include:

  1. Secure computations in distributed programming frameworks
  2. Security best practices for non-relational data sources
  3. Secure data storage and transactions logs
  4. End-point input validation/filtering
  5. Real-time security/compliance monitoring
  6. Scalable and composable privacy-preserving data mining and analytics
  7. Cryptographically enforced access control and secure communication
  8. Granular access control
  9. Granular audits
  10. Data provenance

You can read more from the study here, and feel free to leave your comments – including best practices, key take-aways and lessons learned – in the space below.