Y-12 officials have removed three security guards and a supervisor from their positions after a woman was allowed to drive onto the property last week.

According to a Y-12 release, the woman drove through the Y-12 gates. Security officers stopped her quickly after she entered the site and turned her over to the Oak Ridge Police Department.

The woman never left her car and did not access any sensitive areas of Y-12. While officials investigate the incident, the security guards and supervisor involved have been removed from their positions.

Y-12 officials said they're reviewing gate procedures, and they've place supervisors at each entrance to monitor the security officers' work until further notice.

In a statement, Y-12 wrote, "We have zero tolerance for security lapses, and we are ensuring there is full accountability for this unacceptable incident. Safety and security are NNSA's top priorities, and the causes of this failure will be reviewed aggressively and corrected quickly. The security police officers involved in this incident have been removed from duty pending the outcome of an investigation."