Steve Yarnell, the New York Jets’ vice president and senior director for security for 16 years, announced his retirement Thursday afternoon.

Yarnell has worked with the Giants and the Patriots on their security programs, and started work with the Jets in 1997. Previously, he worked as an FBI special agent on criminals and terrorism matters and in the National Security Division.

According to an article from the Jets’ website, “If fans remember Yarnell at all, it's as the stern-visaged security man, sometimes wearing all-business sunglasses, accompanying Jets head coaches from Parcells to Al Groh to Herm Edwards to Eric Mangini to Rex Ryan on and off of NFL fields on Sunday afternoons in the fall.”

Yarnell directed every phase of security at the team complex, at all games and during all team camps, the article says. He also served as the team’s liaison for security-related matters with the NFL and local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

While celebrating with family, coaches and staff over cake, Yarnell said that “I’m looking forward to doing some consulting a day or two a week and spending a little more time with my family.”