A Cisco Customer Experience Report found that customers want a more seamless and personalized experience from their bank and are mostly willing to share biometric information with bankers.

The report looks at consumers’ desire for personalized banking across multiple channels, including online, smartphone telephone and physical bank branches. The report includes responses from 1,514 consumers and 405 bank professionals across 10 countries.

In the report, consumers indicated a willingness to exchange more details about their financial habits and having banks be more active advisors in exchange for greater protection from identity theft (83%), increased savings (80%), personalized service (78%), and greater simplicity (56%) in managing their finances.

In addition, it said that, 53% of U.S. consumers would provide their bank with a fingerprint or other biometrics to verify financial transactions to protect the consumer against dangers such as identity theft. Globally 61% of consumers would share biometric data, with Japanese consumers least likely with only 33%.