The TSA said it is delaying the implementation of a new policy that would allow small knives on planes.

In March, TSA Administrator John Pistole announced passengers would soon be allowed to carry previously-banned pocket knives and other items onto planes. The Prohibited Items List was originally scheduled to go into effect April 25, but the start date was pushed forward to an unspecified date "in order to accommodate further input from the Aviation Security Advisory Committee."

"This timing will enable TSA to incorporate the ASAC's feedback about the changes to the Prohibited Items List and continue workforce training," TSA said in a statement.

The new policy would permit folding knives with blades that are 2.36 inches or less in length and are less than one-half-inch wide. It also includes some sports equipment, like souvenir baseball bats and golf clubs. Items like box cutters and razor blade are still prohibited.