A diamond wholesaler visiting Florida has reported the theft of $400,000 worth of loose gems in what could have been a well-orchestrated crime or the case of an incredibly lucky, ordinary burglar, police said Wednesday.

According to a report from Reuters, Jain Rajesh, 47, of New Jersey told police that he left the diamonds in a red bag in his Orlando rental car for 13 minutes Monday evening outside a buffet restaurant. When he returned, the bag and diamonds were gone.

All of the doors on the car had remained locked, and the alarm system was not tripped, police report. The driver’s side window was cracked, but not enough to gain entry, the article notes.

Police say that the only items reported missing were the red bag containing the loose diamonds and three blank checks from the front passenger-side floorboard. Nothing else seemed to be taken or disturbed, including a GPS device on the windshield, Reuters reports.

According to Orlando Police Sergeant Jim Young, it is unknown if the gems had any identifiable marks that would make them difficult to sell at a fair market price, but “In law enforcement experience, anything can be sold on the street,” he told Reuters