standards-based credentialThis standards-based credential improves security, privacy and portability by using secure messaging protocol and cryptology for trust-based communication platform. Privacy is increased because data associated with any given smart card under this credential can’t be divulged or cloned since no traceable credential identifier is exchanged during card use. The single, media-independent and mobile-ready solution can be applied to many uses, such as biometrics, logical access control, cashless vending, customer loyalty programs and transit access.

Find out more at>Keeping secure identification quick and simple helps to increase organizational workflow in organizations, especially when performing certain basic workplace tasks, such as clocking in. The speed with which data can be shared plays a huge role in wireless technology, but it can’t sacrifice security. This line of readers is now HIS iCLASS SE (SIO enabled) and NFC capable, and they utilize features such as layered encryption and digital signatures to maximize credential security. They are also compatible with more than 40 proximity and contactless smart card technologies.

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