Three people were killed and one is in critical condition after a shooting at the scene of an apparent armed robbery at the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton, Canada early Friday, according to reports and an article from

 “It was an apparent armed robbery of armored vehicle and or vehicles,” police spokesman Scott Pattison told the National Post of Canada.

“The university was quickly put into lockdown, it has its own protocols and it remains in lockdown now,” he said in the article. “It’s a crime scene so students are required to stay remain in their dorms.”

No students were involved in the shooting, he added.

Pattison told CTV that the victims are all thought to be employees of an armored vehicle security company, according to MSNBC. "The suspect and or suspects remain at large at this time," he told the station.

The shooting happened shortly after midnight in the Hub Mall area, which is a combination of student residences and shops, according to an Associated Press report.