The Orioles are adding extra security at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in order to stop fans from running out onto the field during games, according to an article from

The change is in response to several incidents, including one where a fan was tackled by an umpire at home plate. On opening day, another fan ran onto the field wearing only a cape and Batman underwear. He was banned from the stadium.

“It may seem like a fun, harmless stunt, but it’s a real security risk,” said Kevin Cummings, director of ballpark operations at Camden Yards.

“The players are working,” Cummings told WBAL-TV. “This is their workplace, and anybody who would disrupt a workplace like that is not welcome. There are nine guys out there for both teams. We don’t need anybody else out there.”

Private security officers will assist police should anyone run onto the field, and they will be on top of dugouts and at entrances where the field meets the stands in between innings.

Once a fan is caught, not only will they be banned from Camden Yards for life, but the Orioles have taken a stance with the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office that violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, the article states.

"It is a crime and it is a disruption, and it is a significant security risk," Cummings said. "(These are) some of the steps we're taking to get us up in line with what is the industry standard."

Running on the field will usually bring charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace, WBAL reports. The maximum penalty lands a scofflaw in jail for almost a year and fined $2,000.