Americans have high expectations for video surveillance and expect private businesses to use video to help law enforcement solve criminal cases, according to a new poll released today by 3VR, the video intelligence company. Conducted by JZ Analytics, the interactive poll of 850 adults has a margin of error of +/- 3.5%.

The poll results underscore the acceptance of video surveillance and the belief that it needs to deliver on its promise. More than 86 percent of respondents expect private business surveillance video to help law enforcement identify suspects and solve crimes when robberies or assaults occur on private property. In a time of partisan politics, this is truly a bipartisan issue as more than 85 percent of both Democrats and Republicans have the same expectation for surveillance video.

Moreover, the polling also found that Americans believe that businesses should be accountable for their video surveillance installations, particularly if they fail to help identify crimes on their premises. Nearly 60 percent felt that private businesses should be held responsible if their video surveillance cameras were not functioning properly and therefore missed the opportunity to capture the commission of a crime on their properties.

Video surveillance is a powerful tool for both preventing and solving crime. It appears Americans have received that message, says Al Shipp, CEO of 3VR. It is now the ultimate responsibility of the video intelligence industry to ensure that its solutions provide a means for private businesses and law enforcement to share and capture critical information in a timely fashion that enables the apprehension of criminals and the deterrence of criminal acts.