Key Management System

The KeyWatcher Touch is a key control and management system that targets enterprise-level applications as well as smaller applications and KeyWatcher TrueTouch is the accompanying software, designed to run all programming, remote functions and reports. The product is engineered around a new CPU board with a built-in SD card slot, USB connectivity 10/100 Ethernet and audio output jack. Features include a 7” touchscreen on the front panel, access via anoptical fingerprint reader and card reader (complete with alarm and access control integration capability), as well as larger on-screen buttons and an easier to use interface that offers step by step instructions. Keys available for access can be called up on the screen and “My Keys Out” and “Find Key” are additional new operations that provides you with the location of a specified key, which keys have not been returned and when the key will become overdue.

KeyWatcher TrueTouch software offers control and management of the system including programming, remote functions and reporting with the server as the primary interface for the client software and database maintenance.

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