A report conducted by DC's Protective Services Police Department says that fake bombs cleared security at some DC buildings.

According to the DC Office of General Services report, special teams routinely test security at District buildings similar to how the Transportation Security Administration conducts security tests at airports. The teams are made up of Protective Services police officers and recruits. Tests are conduct throughout the year. 

According to the report, which was acquired by Service Employees International Union, there were numerous successful penetrations. Fake bombs were passed through security checkpoints in cell phones, bags, and even a book. During some of the tests security guards were able to quickly detect the simulated explosive devices.

When the teams were able to successfully penetrate security checkpoints, fines were issued to the private companies who employee the security officers. Immediate training was also offered to officers who failed the tests.

The report is available here: http://media.myfoxdc.com/Documents/DCSecurityGaps.pdf