Smarter Security Systems turnstile

Ideal for hallway entrance control applications, the Mini-Optical optical turnstile from Smarter Security Systems is an attractive option for buildings looking to automate access control on a smaller budget. The barrier-free turnstile restricts access where security staff can respond by alarming unauthorized entry attempts. Microprocessor-based intelligence combines with infrared beams to discriminate between human traffic and inanimate object to minimize false alarms. At 4 inches wide by 8.4 inches long, the small pedestals can be placed in hallways to secure passage ahead of sensitive areas such as SCIFs. An available floor protector simplifies hallway installation, and unlike others, it can be mounted to the walls of a hallway for a more elegant installation. LED indicator lights at the top and bottom of each pedestal clearly communicate the lane status to users and to security staff to assist in detaining intruders.

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