Lighted bollards are commonly used to light walkways and/or landscape lighting. Most lighted bollards are constructed from cement or stone, which are susceptible to blemishes and require regular maintenance in order to retain their integrity. Calpipe’s lighted security bollards’ stainless steel finish is inherently durable even in harsh environments and their engineered footings and carbon steel inner cores provide added security that stone and cement bollards cannot. The lighting fixtures are available in metal halide, CFL, induction fluorescent and LED versions with stacked, paracline, glass, louvre, two-louvre and refractor optics, and the lens materials are either opaque or clear. All models extend 36” above ground. Other specifications can be accommodated based upon the application and degree of security needed. The lighted security bollards are optimized for light, medium and high security applications from parking lots to government facilities.

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